FogPanel allows enterprises and service providers to precisely control IT resource usage

Hybrid Cloud Resource Monitoring

Its well known that cloud provides unmatched flexibility, scalability and availability. Business enterprises nowadays concurrently use multiple cloud service providers or multiple infrastructure (IaaS) providers for different workloads. Monitoring such MultiCloud environments becomes a real challenge.

FogPanel helps you to overcome this challenge by providing you with a centralized dashboard from where you can monitor all your cloud resources running across multicloud environments. The hybrid cloud resource monitoring solution from FogPanel is transparent with Cloud Service Provider's monitoring tools and can be integrated with existing enterprise monitoring systems.

FogPanel monitors the cloud IaaS environment for billing and usage analytics purposes at predetermined intervals so chargeback could be done for VMs, network, storage and other cloud resources at a granular level. Fully automated and advanced level web based resource monitoring is integrated within the admin and end user panel which makes life easier for them, as they can monitor their VMs or the entire hybrid cloud resources from a single point.

Our hybrid cloud resource monitoring solutions ensures that your business-critical applications hosted on the cloud are performing at optimal levels; and can detect and resolve problems in a timely manner. Stay on top of issues with various out-of-the-box reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds and comprehensive fault management capabilities, you can ensure your vital cloud resources are continually operational.