FogPanel, the Hybrid Cloud Service Management and Governance platform, is a comprehensive Business operation

Hybrid Cloud Consultancy

Cloud computing has become a matter of fact for the vast majority of businesses and even more consumers. The drift of data systems from on-premise or traditional IT infrastructures to the cloud has been gaining momentum in the recent past at a rapid speed. Businesses are changing. Unstoppable and unpredictable data growth, high energy costs, cuts in IT budgets and the ever-increasing expectation to align business and IT has been a major challenge that most of the concerns and firms are facing in today’s business world. It has become increasingly difficult to get the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and performance whilst mitigating risk and increasing operational efficiency. These factors has been contributing towards the rapid cloud adoption by businesses.

FogPanel’s cloud infrastructure services portfolio is ready for your enterprise IT demands. We provide a range of cloud consulting services to help our customers capitalize on the growth in Cloud Computing. Our indepth experience and expertise in building and running successful cloud infrastructures enables us to identify, implement and operate the right solution for your business.

Whether you have an active need to upgrade to the cloud or are simply curious about what the cloud can do for your business, we would love to answer your questions and share our perspective on available solutions. To the extent that you're trying to solve particular challenges, we'll explore your business and IT requirements, examine current impacts, and discuss ideal solutions that could be achieved and its potential benefits. Please feel free to reach us at and we will respond to you asap within our business hours.