FogPanel, the Hybrid Cloud Service Management and Governance platform, is a comprehensive Business operation

"Go Beyond" Cloud Support

Highly Available and Scalable Cloud Infrastructures and Globally distributed applications need more than just basic monitoring. Our Cloud platform monitoring solutions provides monitoring of Report tier availability, performance, and throughput so you can better manage the cloud infrastructure that serves your business. 24x7 monitoring solutions from FogPanel provides you with deep insights into the health and performance of your cloud computing resources. We help you to monitor your business-critical cloud hosted applications and ensure optimal performance along with effective analysis into the utilization of your cloud resources.

  • A single console for monitoring your multi-cloud environments (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, CloudStack and other clouds).
  • Agentless monitoring solution that is easy to set up and manage.
  • End-to-end cloud operations management reporting, alerting, and action scripting.
  • Operational analytics and insight for capacity planning and management.
  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of your network, storage, OS, application, and virtual elements.
  • Eliminate time consuming setups required with other uptime and end-user monitoring services.
  • Fast detection of network outages.
  • Fast detection of cloud computing environment problems.
  • Trigger event and notifications in case of any failures.
  • Proactively analyze and identify hypervisor-specific issues on VMs, hosts, datastores, and clusters.
  • Maintain performance and accelerate troubleshooting across your cloud and on-premise environments.
  • Quickly identify the root cause of bottlenecks and solve problems with expert advice.