FogPanel allows enterprises and service providers to precisely control IT resource usage

Cost Budgeting

Creating a budget for cloud infrastructure can be challenging as cloud’s pay per use model entails that costs can vary extensively from one day to the next. What makes these services even more complex are the granularity of the services, and how the services interact with other services, including any service and application dependencies. Another major challenge happens to be untagged cloud resources, which results in lack of segmentation between different departments, applications and projects within an organization. The lack of an accurate cloud usage tracking and budgeting system means little visibility into past usage of cloud resources, cost information, and future trends that needs to be proactively addressed. Therefore organizations need to monitor all costs closely to ensure that overall budgets aren’t exceeded and fall within the allocated limits.

FogPanel's budgeting options help you to allocate budgets for your various projects running across multiple cloud environments and also to track the usage and generate consumption reports drilling down into aggregated cost data through filters. This also enables in more efficient management and tracking of cloud usage, reduced cloud costs by over 30% and enhanced cost clarity and transparency across the organization.

FogPanel's budgeting controls helps you to analyze and forecast cloud costs across public and private clouds for current and future cloud applications. You can also implement showback and chargeback reporting with excellent graphs and charts. Further, you can enable email notifications to the budgets that are triggered when the actual or forecasted costs exceed a given threshold limit.